Techniques for Defined Abs

If you want those cut abs by summer, now is the time to start doing the work. Genetics play less of a role than most people believe, especially when it come to core definition. Focusing on the right aspects of fitness and nutrition will shape your body however you please, it just takes knowledge, hard work and dedication. Here are a few effective techniques for you to get the abs you can show off proudly.

One of the most fundamental aspects of any successful exercise program is to lift heavy with good form. Lifting heavy causes an insane amount of core activation, assuming exercises are done correctly. The physiological activation of a muscle fibre signals the chemical pathways that produce testosterone. The ideal rep rage for this type of physiological response is 5 reps for 4-8 sets with as much weight you can lift CORRECTLY.  You should have 1-2 years of lifting experience practising good form before attempting brutally heavy lifts.

On top of testosterone production, the activation of muscle fibres will build up the size of the fibres, making them more visible. Improving mind-muscle connection of the core has many benefits; including increase in strength, performance and safety of all exercises. The nerves corresponding with the lower part of the abs will shut off, mainly due to sitting. As they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Activate the entire core using simple exercises such as leg lifts or planks in the warm-up. This will improve nerve impulse to the lower abs, the most difficult section of the core to activate.

Once the muscle has been built up, it is then time to expose the sculpture on your mid- section. Obviously diet plays a huge role in core definition. But, here is when things get a little complicated. One of the biggest determinants of abdominal definition is the amount of water in the fat cells on top of the muscle. If this water is removed from the fat cells, the abdominal muscles will appear more defined. Obviously, this is why bodybuilders dehydrate the living Jesus out of themselves before competition. Clearly this is not the healthiest way to get great abs. But there is a way to get the water out of the fat cells safely and effectively.

The first and most important things when trying to remove water from fat cells is to be really well hydrated. This sounds counter intuitive, but is the absolute truth and here is why. Drinking a tonne of water will force the body into a state of detoxification. In turn, toxins from the fat cells, along with the surrounding fluid fluid will be forced to be excreted. Yes, you will pee a lot, no question. But don’t forget that every time you do, you’re losing water from the fat cells, decreasing their size and lowering your body weight.

Another important aspect of the detox process is the consumption of antioxidants. These are natural substances (example: Vitamin C & E) that neutralize ‘free radicals’, or unstable substances that are not supposed to be in the body. The majority toxins in the body are fat-soluble, meaning they are stored in body fat. Antioxidants will help draw the water and the toxins out cells, process and remove the waste from the body. Not only will this help you get those cut abs your looking for, but can also prevent cancer and countless other potential future health issues.

The most effective protocol to detox  is to drink 1L of natural lemon water first thing in the morning. the more lemon you can handle the better. This will help accelerate the natural detox during the morning hours. Don’t like lemons? You can also take 1500-3000mg of Vitamin C in supplemental form with 1-2L of water. Vitamin C is only one antioxidant; there are many powerful detoxifying substances in natural food. More to come on this topic.

The final and perhaps most effective tip is to abolish wheat from the diet as much as possible. Wheat causes bloating, especially in the lower abdominal area. The issue with wheat is the physiological response from the body. The body is forced to process a protein called gluten, which cannot be broken down in the digestive system. It is then absorbed the lining of the stomach, then destroyed by white blood cells. This means that wheat is forcing the body to have an immune response and inflammatory response. This inflammatory response is going to add to the water retention and joint pain while inhibiting recovery on the cellular level. Above that, wheat is processed very quickly, causing an insulin response that is very similar to simple sugars. Plain and simple, processed anything will wreak havoc on the body, turning the 6 pack to a keg pretty quick.

In review, lift heavy weights while activating the core as much as possible. Drink a bunch of lemon water in the morning, avoid wheat and you will develop the definition that will really turn some heads.