5 Steps to Becoming an Online Client

1)       Consultation Form

Contact me through the form below and I will email you a consultation form that you fill out on the computer. The form will be sent as a Word document (.docx). Simply:

     a) open the document

     b) fill in your answers

     c) save the file to your computer

    d)  send the file back

2)      Purchase

Choose a package that works for you by clicking the ADD TO CART button for the desired service. Payments are made by credit card through this website. You can also pay directly through email money transfer to quinn_little@hotmail.com

3)      Program Creation

The entire creation process typically takes about a week and will depend on the current workload. I will contact you through email with  any questions expanding on the consultation form. I can get you started doing certain things to prepare for your program while I am creating it.

4)      Program Sent

When your program is finished, it will be sent to you in a PDF. I will also send video links highlighting the form of each exercise. Print off your program and go train.  I suggest making a file or a binder with records of all your training sessions. For accountablility purposes, many clients choose to send their completed workout sheets to me for feedback. You can even program your workout into your smartphone or tablet, ask for more details.

5)      Updates and Questions

I will continue to check up on you to see how things are going.  I am always available through e-mail for questions, support or just to chat about fitness.

E-mail me below to get a consultation form!

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