Prevention, Rehabilitation, Exercise and Health Assessment of the Body

Prevention, Rehabilitation, Exercise and Health Assessment of the Body

Our goal is simply to help you get moving well with less pain and more confidence.

We do this through:

  • Corrective exercise

  • Mobility techniques

  • Pain management modalities such as:

    • Heat

    • Ice

    • TENS

The main objective is to improve mobility, movement quality so you can live an independent active and healthy lifestyle.

How does the P.R.E.H.A.B. program work?

We travel to you in the Windsor and surrounding area and help you get moving from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how it works:

  1. A comprehensive health assessment is done and realistic goals are established.

  2. A plan is built designed specifically for you. We will go over everything in detail and coach you through the process.

  3. We set you up on a home exercise plan for you to complete between visits to maximize your results.

  4. Once you are ready, we transition you towards independence and decrease visit frequency if possible.

Who would benefit from MPS?

If you are cleared by your doctor to exercise, you are ready for our program.

Our main clientele includes:

  • Seniors with or without limitations

  • People with physical/ mental conditions

    • Cerebral palsy

    • Multiple sclerosis

    • Autism

    • Downs syndrome

  • Sedentary individuals

  • Post-Surgery Strengthening

    • ACL

    • Total Hip Replacement

    • Total Knee Replacement etc.

What is Included?