About us

Mobile P.R.E.H.A.B. Solutions was created by two friends, Quinn Little and Jacob Ritchie, after finishing University. We became friends in school studying how the body works and collaborated to train for powerlifting competitions to put our knowledge to the test. We shared many common ideas about what fitness really is about. We both agreed that it is NOT about how much weight you can lift or how good you look. Its about being able to do the things that you want to do.

While in university, Quinn landed a job at a physiotherapy clinic assisting in rehabilitation. He gained the knowledge and experience to assess the body and come up with a plan to improve functional physical capacity. He learned that many patients shared two underlying issues. Number one, their posture was a mess. Number two, they were not able to perform the fundamental movement patterns. He noticed that once patients movement patterns and posture improved, their pain disappeared and they returned to normal life.

While in university, Jake had a passion for powerlifting and testing what the body was truly capable of. He became a master of slow methodical progressions that set the foundation amazing long term results. He began working with a variety of clients as a personal trainer and strength coach. Although working with atheltes and weight loss clients was fun, he found his true passion was working with the special needs population.

Both Quinn and Jake pride themselves on getting people to do things they thought we not possible.

Why We Started MPS

Many seniors and people with physical limitations did not seek treatment for many reasons. First, the already had a tonne of appointments already. Second, leave the house was often a massive hassle, assuming they even had the appropriate transportation. People that need treatment, true physical education and personalized attention are often unable to get proper treatmen

Both Quinn and Jake had personal reasons for starting a business to help this population.

Quinn’s uncle was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at an early age. He lived with the condition for many years while continuing to live a seemingly normal life working raising Quinn’s cousins. Simply put, multiple sclerosis is a condition where the immune system attacks and destroys the neurological system. After his uncle retired and became more sedentary, his symptoms accelerated at a highly aggressive rate. His uncle had trouble doing simple tasks like getting dressed and getting in the car. Soon he was barely able to walk. He felt hopeless that things were only ever going to get worse and that there was nothing that could be done. After about 5 years of retreating into completely sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, Quinn’s uncle had to be carried down the stairs to go to the bathroom. In his mid 50’s, his loving wife was forced to put her husband in an assisted living facility because she didn’t have the resources to adequately care for him. Quinn’s driving passion for helping the special population stems from the painful experience of watching his uncles life slowly deteriorate before him. Quinn’s focus is to use his knowledge of movement as medicine to keep this situation from happening to other families.